To accomplish our goal of creating a hazing-free community, it is important that we report all suspected incidents of hazing to the proper authorities. In the state of Ohio, hazing is a class fourth-degree misdemeanor and can result in criminal and civil penalties. More information about hazing laws in Ohio can be found at Ohio State University’s Code of Student Conduct also provides the following information and procedures about how to report a hazing incident to the university:

A hazing incident may be reported to Student Conduct by anyone: a person who was directly affected by the activity, a person who was involved in the incident; faculty, staff, parents, friends, or community members; or anyone who is generally concerned about a student or group.  If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a possible hazing incident, report the incident immediately to Student Conduct and/or the police.

When reporting, please be prepared to provide the following information as best as you can:

  • What is the name of the organization that you are reporting for acts of hazing?
  • When did the event(s) occur?
  • Where did the event(s) take place?
  • What time of day did the event(s) occur?
  • Who was involved in this event?
  • Are there any other people that either were present or can corroborate the information you are providing?  Please provide their names and contact information (if available).
  • How did you become aware of the event(s)?
  • Please describe the event(s) in as much detail as possible.
  • Please provide any documentation or photographs you may have.
  • Your name, phone number, and e-mail address

Anonymous Reporting

You may submit these forms anonymously.

Without contact information, we are unable to provide you with a response.

Please consider using the anonymous reporting option offered by the Office of University Compliance and Integrity. That system allows users – without disclosing their name or other identifiable information – to follow-up on a report to read the university’s response or to provide additional information.

You may report incidents of hazing in several ways:

  1. Complete the Joint Council Judicial Board Grievance Form.
  2. Complete the Hazing Incident Reporting Form.
  3. Call Student Conduct at 614-292-0748.
  4. Contact University Police at 614-292-2121. You may be directed to contact Columbus Police if the incident occurred off-campus.

You may also request a meeting with a Student Conduct investigator without providing personally-identifying information. Please call 614-292-0748 and request a “Witness Meeting” and state you wish to schedule without providing your name. Our investigator will meet with you, explain the investigation process, and if you wish to proceed the investigator will record the information you share without including identifying information. This meeting can take place in-person or over the phone.