Eligibility Requirements

Students may join an organization after obtaining a 2.5 GPA and earning at least 12 university credit hours. Perspective members also need to need to register for an information session on the SFL website before they are eligible to accept a bid from a fraternity.

Register for an info session here

Where to Get information

If you have any questions about joining a Greek organization, please visits the SFL website or the FAQ tab on this website. Signing up for chapter tours is a fantastic way to meet the chapters and see their facilities. If you’d like to register for chapter tours, click the link here.

Recruitment Process

Fraternity recruitment is a very informal process. Fraternities release their recruitment event or “rush” schedules, so it is important to contact the leadership of organizations you are interested in. Also, be sure to keep an eye out on campus for flyers and social media. Joining a fraternity is a lifelong commitment, so we recommend you attend events from multiple fraternities to find the organization that is the best fit for you.